three levels of analysis

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for this assignment provide feedback to the following: please respond with 250 words

I find it hard to really pick which level of analysis really describes the reasoning behind World War II. I’m personally conflicted between all the levels of analysis. But if I had rank which level of analysis would describe it best would be systemic then individual and lastly domestic level. Each level of analysis has a lot of valid points and reasoning to why World War II started but systemic and individual level combined, I feel make the most sense.

Th systemic level of analysis best describes why World War II had happened because according to the text, it states that Germany, Japan, and Italy were rising powers that were seeking a change in the balance of power. These countries usually have small impact during the world challenges and because of their rising power I feel that those countries started become power hungry. Germany, Japan, and Italy wanted more power and were willingly to prove them selves worthy of more power with war. I feel that a bit of individual analysis plays a part when it comes to dictators Adolf Hitler and also Benito Mussolini. Hitler and Mussolini are known dictators that were hungry for power. Mussolini wanted to restore Italian power and this led him into an alliance with Hitler. Hitler had great desire for power, aggression against Germany’s neighbors, and doctrine of the supremacy of the Aryan Race.

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