This is due in 8 hours. It is pretty simple. ONLY one page!!

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After you have finished reading one of the book choices for this course I would like you to
simply write a one page response to something in the book that really spoke to you as an
educator. For example:

  •  What was it about this piece of literature that will change the way you relate to
    students, peers, parents, or your administrator?
  •  How will this book help to shape the framework of your educational philosophy?
  •  How did this book reinforce or strengthen your commitment to become an educator?
  •  What really stood out in this book and changed your perspective regarding the field of
    I don’t expect you to address all of these questions, just pick one and tell me how the book you
    choose impacted you as a future teacher. Your response should be about one page in length.

1. Corcoran, J. & Carlson, C. (1994).The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read. Focus on the Family Publishing (out of print, but worth finding on Amazon or similar site).

2. Collins, M., & Tamarkin, C. (1990). The Marva Collins’ Way. Penguin Putman Books

3. Lemov, Doug. (2010). Teach Like a Champion. Jossey-Bass Teacher

4. Kidder, T. (1990). Among Schoolchildren. Houghton Mifflin Company

5. Edited by Pearl Rock Kane (1991). My First Year as a Teacher. New American Library

6. Ozma, Alice (2011). The Reading Promise. Grand Central Publishing

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