“The Water Will Come” Reflective Essay

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In order to complete this assignment, you need to use the following:

1. The Water Will Come, by Jeff Goodell

2. “Tragedy of the Commons” (included in attachments)

3. Chapter 8 of How the World Works by Russell Bova 3rd edition

The below sections lay out how the paper should be constructed:

You should answer the four questions listed below based on the book The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodell, the article “Tragedy of the Commons” by Garret Hardin and Chapter 8 of HTWW. Do not do any additional research; focus only on the readings for the class.

Your responses should not be a stream-of-conscious answer. State your major point or thesis and defend it in an organized manner. Make specific references to the readings and to class lectures and discussions. If you want to add an extensive quote, be my guest. However, extended quotes do not count toward the correct length of your answers. We will discuss your responses in the Book Club.

Question 1 ( 1 page, 370 words, 45 points)
Climate change and rising sea levels are taking place in an international system that has been operating since 1648. The operating concepts of the current international system include sovereignty, national interest, security interests, power and attempts to cooperate.
How successful do you think the current international system will be in dealing with climate change and rising sea levels? Explain.
In your answer you should make specific references to the concepts discussed in class, The Water Will Come and “The Tragedy of the Commons”.

Question 2 ( 3⁄4 page, 280 words, 35 points)
In The Water Will Come the author states that island states and other developing countries are suffering because of the indulgences of others [the advanced industrial countries].
What do the advanced industrial countries owe developing countries for the problems they (the advanced industrial countries) have created? Explain. Make specific references to the readings.

Question 3 ( 3⁄4 page, 280 words, 32 points)
In December 29, 1940 President Roosevelt addressed the nation in a fireside chat entitled “Arsenal of Democracy” in which he discussed the rising threat of Nazism.

He states “During the past week many people in all parts of the Nation have told me what they wanted me to say tonight. Almost all of them expressed a courageous desire to hear the plain truth about the gravity of the situation. One telegram, however, expressed the attitude of the small minority who want to see no evil and hear no evil, even though they know in their hearts that evil exists. That telegram begged me not to tell again of the ease with which our American cities could be bombed by any hostile power which had gained bases in this Western Hemisphere. The gist of that telegram was: ‘Please, Mr. President, don’t frighten us by telling us the facts.’.”

How does the quote by President Roosevelt from 78 years ago dealing with the Nazi threat apply to scientists today trying to convince the public that climate change is both real and coming fast? Make specific references to the readings.

Question 4 ( 1⁄2 page, 190 words, 18 points)

Write a letter to your 18-year-old great-great grandchild about the world you foresee for her or him in 2105 given the 2018 world in which you now live: a world with rising sea levels and sovereign states. [By my crude calculations and several assumptions, I calculate your great-great grandchild will be 18 years old between 2100 and 2110.]


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