The Vegetarian by Han Kang

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Choose 3 bullet points from each (2.1.1 & 2.1.2)

2.1.1 Discern and analyze context

  1. Describe the text creator’s purpose, and analyze the target audience.
  1. Describe how societal forces can influence the production of texts [for example, current issues and trends]
  1. Explain the relationship between text and context in terms of how elements in an environment can affect the way in which a text is created [for example, the historical context in which the text is written; gender-biased language can provide information about context in which a text was created in terms of dominant culture]
  1. Identify the impact that personal context—experience, prior knowledge—has on constructing meaning from a text.

2.1.2 Understand and interpret content

  1. Use a variety of strategies to comprehend literature and other texts [for example, reading passages out loud, forming questions, making predictions, using context to determine the connotative meanings of words, using graphic organizers and making annotations], and develop strategies for close reading of literature in order to understand contextual elements [for example, understanding subtext]
  1. Describe how supporting ideas and supporting details strengthen a text’s controlling idea.
  1. Describe the relationships among plot, setting, character, atmosphere and theme when studying a narrative.
  1. Compare the personality traits, roles, relationships, motivations, attitudes, values and archetypal qualities, when appropriate, of characters developed/persons presented in literature and other texts.
  1. Describe a text creator’s tone and register; and identify the moral and ethical stance communicated by a text.
  1. Interpret figurative language, symbol and allusions; recognize imagery; and explain how imagery contributes to atmosphere, characterization and theme in a text.

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