The Evolution of Coloration and Toxicity in Poisonous Frog Research Paper

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Instructions: a research paper the paper should focus
around the topic you chose and incorporate both the information you learned from the literature as well
as your own thoughts on the topic. Make sure to connect your topic to concepts of evolution,
particularly those covered in class (though in no way limit yourself to these topics, there are many things
we didn’t have time to cover in class!).
Your paper should meet the following requirements:
1) At least 10 pages in length (not including bibliography or figures), double spaced, 12 point font
2) A clear introduction with topic clearly stated
3) Proper citations in text
4) A bibliography with at least 10 sources
5) Connect the topic to at least two separate evolutionary concepts
6) A clear synthesis of the information
7) Your own conclusion on the topic separate from the literature (criticisms of literature, broad
patterns, etc)
8) Propose a future direction/experiment that addresses your topic. my topic: My topic: the evolution of coloration and toxicity in poisonous frog

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