“The Case of Jimmy”

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The Case of Jimmy

Jimmy is a domestic batterer who is in your group for his domestic abuse that meets on Monday evenings at 6:30 P.M. He is also in an additional group for anger management that meets at 7:00 on Wednesday evenings. Lastly, he is in another group for substance abuse issues at 7:00 on Thursday evenings. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, he visits a local educational agency for GED preparation. In addition, Jimmy completes roughly eight hours of community service a week, attends AA meetings on Tuesday evening, and is also required to meet his probation officer five times per week since he is on intensive supervised probation. Jimmy has signed releases of confidentiality between all agencies and treatment providers enabling all persons involved with Jimmy’s case to talk with one another without concern for confidentiality.

One day, Jimmy’s addiction therapist calls you and explains that he is concerned. It seems that Jimmy is violating the bounds of confidentiality by leaking information regarding other members of his batterers’ group. During the substance abuse group meeting on Thursday evenings, he routinely refers to clients in his Monday evening batterers’ group by name and provides details regarding their relationships and their treatment progress. The therapist explains that he talked with Jimmy about this, and Jimmy got a bit angry. He was not volatile, but irritated and exclaimed, “Here I am trying to participate in the group session and you are downin’ me, man! What gives with this, dude?”

When you ask Jimmy about this issue, he points out that he is so busy with therapy and meeting the conditions of his supervision that he cannot remember who is in what group and how to sort things out. He claims that he slips up by accident and that he just cannot keep up.

You screen his records and notice that the GED preparation and testing agency conducted a number of tests of cognitive functioning. They found that Jimmy has fairly significant cognitive deficits that affect his concentration. Whether this is induced by substance abuse is not clear, but it has been noted in his record (though Jimmy does not seem to be aware of this). On the other hand, you are keenly aware that batterers are very clever (though not necessarily smart academically), manipulative, and tend to be passive-aggressive by nature. In short, you suspect that Jimmy is manipulating his various treatment challenges to sabotage the therapy so that he can get reassigned. Lastly, you have been told by another offender in your batterer’s group that Jimmy has stated many times that he does not like the therapist for his addiction group and has been wanting to leave that group for some time. It seems that Jimmy brings this up when the batterer’s group members are outside smoking before the group work begins.

Prepare a 2-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation analyzing the following pertaining to your selected client:

  • Client goals

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines

include footnotes,reference slide


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