The battle for paradise by: Naomi Klein. 3-4 page book report

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  1. Hurricane Maria produced the longest blackout in US history (and the second longest in the world), yet small and less industrialized independent communities in Puerto Rico had electricity restored quickly, why?
  2. How did Hurricane Maria reveal that Puerto Rico’s fiscal and tax policy along with its agriculture industry favored the colonizer at the cost of overall well-being of the colonized?
  3. According to the author Naomi Klein, how did Hurricane Maria catalyze Puerto Ricans to join together and develop their own strategies of survival and rebuilding, rather than looking to Washington D. C.?
  4. What were the “shock doctrine” policies already underway prior to Hurricane Maria and how did Hurricane Maria intensify the 4 stages of the shock doctrine:desperation; distraction; despair; disappearance?
  5. Conclude your essay by analyzing how Puerto Rico’s future is a battle over different ideas of “utopia” that contrastingly move fast and slow according to Klein?

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