Technical Writing in the Workplace

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One page paragraph

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice in writing instructions, which is one type of technical writing you will do often in the workplace. Whether you work with managers, executives, or office staff, you will be asked to write instructions occasionally.

An important aspect of writing instructions is the use of graphics. Good instructions contain graphics and are designed to be easy to read and understand. Another important aspect of writing instructions is cautioning your reader about any danger while performing the task.

Write a set of instructions for a simple, easily conducted task. You can choose any common task such as tying your shoes, planting a garden, or changing the oil in your car. You can also choose a work-related task such as changing the toner in a printer, emptying the paper shredder, or making the morning coffee. You may look at existing instructions online, but in the end, you should write your own instructions. You should “user test” your instruction before submitting them. In other words, if someone who had no idea how to perform the task you are describing, could they perform the task correctly using your instructions?

A complete set of instructions, which should include:


Safety notice (if necessary)

Step-by-step instructions

Graphics/photos. Graphics for this assignment should not come from outside sources. Graphics for this assignment much be designed, drawn, or photographed by you.


A one-page reflective memo with the following elements:

Summarize your expected audience and the purpose of your instructions (one paragraph).

Describe your process of testing the usability of your instructions (one paragraph).

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