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Instructions from my professor:

The Holtblatt article describes several methods of tax avoidance (not tax evasion). They are:

Use of tax havens

Contributions of equity to foreign subsidiary corporations

Allocation of debt to parent corporations

Earnings stripping

Tax inversions

Transfer pricing

Check the box and hybrids

Foreign tax credit

Pick one of these and do some research on it and tell us how it works, and its pros and cons from the corporation’s view and the IRS view. Remember, one page single spaced is all you need. Wikipedia doesn’t count as research.

In a seperate page I would like you to summarize your week 8 one page paper on tax avoidance by multinational corporations. In no more than two paragraphs, tell us what you researched and what you found out in a nutshell. In that way, we will learn a little bit about all the methods for tax avoidance described in the Holtzblatt article.

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