SWOT Analysis: Threats to your Organization

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We are to the point in the SWOT

process where just about everything is complete, with the exception of

the final piece of the puzzle, the threats to your organization. Over

the last few modules, you have completed the majority of your SWOT

analysis, including covering the basic background information about your

organization along with its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Now it is time to work on the final major portion of the analysis. This

is the area where your organization looks at other companies and

organizations and how they might gain advantages or opportunities that

could hurt your organization. Threats can come in the form of many

things. When you consider this section of your SWOT, think about some of

the factors listed in the instructions and really work hard to find

some of the things your organization might be able to do in order to

alleviate some of these threats! And remember folks, threats can include

other issues besides your competition. Some of these threats could be

in the form of your employees or the services they provide, as well as

new equipment and technology; anything that could result in the

organization going backwards is a threat.

For this assignment you will research the threats to your
organization and provide a detailed paper on your findings.

Research and thoroughly explain at least TWO major threats to the
organization, discuss why these threats are present, and what can be
done to either remove or reduce them. Think about some of the examples
you see every day as you drive around. For example, how many times do
you see one gas station on the corner and another gas station right next
door or across the street? This would be considered a threat, since
they are competing with each other for customers in that area. What do
you do when the other gas station lowers the price of gas by a nickel or
now offers a hot food section? These are just a few of the things to
consider in this module as you work on the threats to your organization.
You should write a minimum of at least one full paragraph for each of
the threats presented. For each threat, you need to ensure you use
relevant business theories, concepts, and practices that are aligned to
support the statements and findings. Note that bullet points are not

Each of these threats must come from a force or forces occurring
within a dimension of the general environment within the organization’s
external environment (keep in mind a threat can stem from more than one
dimension within the general environment). Be sure to include in your
analysis the relevant dimension of the general environment from which
each of these forces is derived.

Factors to consider when you think about company threats:

  • An increased number of new companies offering similar products that shift the customer away from the company’s brand.
  • The physical environment (Is your building in a growing part of town? Is the bus company cutting routes?).
  • Changes in the law and government regulations that drive costs of running the business to increase.
  • Future trends in the economy and changes in the age, race, gender, and culture of those you serve in your area.

Use the resources to properly cite your work:


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