summary one page for each 1

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Summary and Paper -Content and organization

Main topic/s =What does the investigator research or write about?

=Why create the text? (subject: always with art and human society)

People create rock art the same around the world.

People make rock art during shamanistic ritual.

– Evidence =What data support what the main topic is?

Describe the hard evidence (for our class: art examples)

Rock art in the Superstition cave contains swirls, geometric shapes, hand prints, and animals.

The geometric shapes in South African cave art have grids.

Rock art depicts animal messengers in the ancient Southwest US.

Dead big horn sheep represent ritual to bring rain.

-Significance =Why is the topic and evidence important? –art and society

People around the world create rock art the same due to shared brain physiology.

People enter altered states and create art based on their experiences, which are similar everywhere.

Rock art depicts animals, people changing into animals, and geometric shapes because

shamans paint or carve what they experience.

-Critical thinking =positive and negative aspects of the argument,

data, and significance (with regards to art and human society)

A problem with the argument for making art is that we don’t understand why

shamans actually create art.

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