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Assignment Task

Your assignment consists of an analysis of the case study “SUPERVALU, Inc” (please download it from the link on StudySpace). The case describes the creation and implementation of a professional development programme (PDP) for attracting and retaining talented college graduates for the nation’s largest wholesale food distribution and 10th largest food retailing company. Your task is to write an essay report that covers the following questions (up to 2000 words).

1. Evaluate SUPERVALE’s new Professional Development Programme. What do you like and dislike about it? Will it appeal to college recruits? Why or why not?

2. What do you think about the way the programme was created? What might you have done differently? Why?

3. What should Paul Cimmerer do as of August 1999?

4. What are some of the future challenges that he needs to anticipate with respect to professional development?


This assessment focuses on critically evaluating and implementing policies and practices for attracting and retaining a competent workforce. More specifically, it emphasises on how HR professionals can attract people with the necessary skills, attitudes, and experiences to support an organization’s strategic objectives.

Suggested structure of the report

Cover page

This should include the title of your report, student number and word count. DO NOT include your name.

Table of content


Describe the core issues raised by the case study and present a clear structure of your report.


The four questions listed above must be discussed in this part. You should draw on the academic literature and discuss the link between relevant theories and/or studies and arguments you want to make. As you develop your analysis of the case study bear in mind that you will need to:

a) Draw on the issues and evidence reported in the case study;

b) Consider HR as a system and therefore that practices need to be aligned and;

c) Draw on the academic literature to support your analysis.


Building on your analysis and highlight how your report will contribute to help the case firm win the war for talent.


A full list of all sources of information used must be included (websites, books, journal articles). This should follow the Harvard system and be presented in alphabetical order by Author’s surname.


1.5/2 line spacing and font size 12 (Arial or Times New Roman) is recommended.


The report must be up to 2000 words, excluding the cover, contents page, references and appendices. Reports that exceed this limit by more than 10%, will have 10% deducted from the mark (70% is reduced by 7 marks to 63%).

Assessment Criteria

See the attached assessment grid.

Allocation of Marks


Allocated Marks




Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4








Presentation, references, grammar and others


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