Strengths/Progress Shown in Program

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Here you go! Thanks. So I added his parent and transition information. I guess can you clean up on his strengths and also challenges. For challenge I guess highlight that he needs to develop more self-awareness and self-confident or the ability to say “no” to peer pressure. Also recognize potential bad situation, how to build rapport with pro-social kids in the community, better usage of his free time and better skills in problem solving and judgement. Sorry just trying to give a little insight on him and what he is working on. I don’t know. He is a smart kid just need to use his brain when making decision instead of not thinking until afterwards.

Please redo the bottom in a much more professional writing way.

Strengths/Progress Shown in Program: Over the first 30 days of Luis beingin the JSC he had done very well at completing required tasks and casework; as well as excelling on personal conduct goals like earning his level 2 and 3 status. Luis on several occasions has taken it upon himself to show leadership and tried to steer peers away from negative decision making opportunities and conversations. Throughout various conversations it has become clear that Luis is using his time at the JSC to refocus himself and establish long term life goals and plans. On several occasions he has mentioned that he has support from his family and a personal drive to consider the military as an option. Luis appears to be well on his way to excelling during his time at the JSC.

Challenges/Concerns: Although doing well in a lot of areas, Luis does still have occasional setbacks with engaging his peers in negative behaviors. His behaviors are mostly done in a joking manner but commonly take on subjects like street activities and past negative actions. He engages with his peers in joking about past exploits or “war stories”.These behaviors just serve to delegitimize some of his claims about his focus and drive towards his future. In the next 30 days Luis should be becoming eligible for home passes and these types of interactions may hurt the speed of his progress.

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