Strategic Planning in Health

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Strategic Planning in Health

Welcome to the first “task” of this course. Normally, the task is done prior to the lesson. However, the module 1 lesson will walk you through how to complete the task, discussion, and lesson. In this module (which consists of Discussion 1, Task 1, and Lesson 1) we will look deeper into these learning outcomes:

                      • State the rational for strategic management in today’s health care environment
                      • Explain the significance and goals of the external environment


There are several different ways in which students learn. Some may preferring reading, while others prefer listening and watching videos. Here you will find several informative videos that will aid you in both learning about the subject matter and completing your final project.


In the explore section of the task you will be asked to explore and research. This might be a generic prompt or a topic your professor has asked you to look deeper into.

                • Explore community health centers in your area. What options do people in your community have to seek medical assistance? What types of health centers are available? Which services do they offer?

Complete the Assignment: Research and Present

Once you have worked through the above steps you are prepared to complete the task. The task should be completed and uploaded below.

Research a health problem in the world. Curate resources about the problem, organizations attempting to solve the problem, alternatives, people, and other information surrounding the health problem.

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