Story Telling HR Staffing

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Recollect and write stories as you experienced or heard about any of the HR Staffing issues in your organization or any organization. You write at least 2 interesting stories/issues. You may write as many as you can and the best will be considered for giving marks.

Procedure: First give a title like employee motivation, talent retention, incentives, promotion, resignation, resource allocation, incentives, dismissal, warning, changes in structure, job analysis, job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation, performance appraisal, job redesign,…….. anything you can share.

Start the story with name of the organization(you may disguise if you want), nature of organization(Government, Semi-Government or Private), its products/services and the number of employees, Department where it happened etc. (i.e., briefly introduce the organization and the context). If you are CEO/HR Manager suggest how do you solve such situations to make the environment healthy. This is to enhance your managerial abilities.

Please note that it should be interesting to read.

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