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Using the short stories that we have read, find a common theme to write about. Examples could be love, revenge, tradition, women, etc..For example, you could write about innocence in “How I Met My Husband” and “The Lesson” You may write about 2-3 stories. You must have 3-5 in-text quotations and 2 block quotations. See Purdue OWL website if you do not know how to cite quotations. You must also quote a total of 2 outside research sources from the Mountain View library’s online database or actual books. No wikipedia or Googled documents, please. Papers must be a full 2-3pages in length (plus a works cited, which will be your 4th-5th page) and written completely in MLA style.

Stories:( Story of an hour, The Cask of Amontilldo, A good man is hard to find, The Necklace, Use Everyday, Roman Fever)

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