St Cloud Technical and Community College Gerontology Questionnaire

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Please answer each question with a minimum of 1 page (double spaced) per question. Cite your sources!

1.)Does our culture (United States) “confront death in the face” or do we deny death? Please provide examples to support your claim. Compare burial and cremation.

2.)Please define, compare and contrast 401k and pensions.1.)

3.) What are some of the challenges faced by widows? What are the differences between Men and Women when losing a spouse?

4.)Please tell me about elder abuse, what puts individuals at risk of becoming abusers/ victims. What steps can we take to solve this problem?

5.)What signs do we look for to determine if an individual is “retired”? When and how did our current system of retirement begin? What are the expectations for retirement in the U.S.?

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