Sports Management Press Kit

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Please I need the assignment below to be put into a Press Kit the original Assignment has been Done already.. please refer to attached documents to see how the assignment should be done!

  1. news release
  2. ANR
  3. feature release
  4. op-ed
  5. fact sheet
              1. Introduction
    1. Firebirds Academy is an academic institution offering education services to pupils from kindergarten, elementary and primary levels. The school is located at Mt. Charleston in Nevada. This program will see the hosting of the first ever annual sports day at the institution grounds. Various disciplines will be competed upon including ball games, ratchet games, athletics and tactical sports as well. The proposal will define all the details of the implementation of the event.
      The proposal
      Firebirds Academy being a privately owned school needs to plan accordingly so as to utilize the available resources to achieve its projected results with the sports day. The mission of the institution is to produce a holistic person not only in academics but also morally, spiritually as well as in other extra curriculum activities such as sports and societies. Mt. Charleston acts as a perfect location because the climate favors sporting activities among many outdoor events.
      There is an established relationship and signed contract to plan and manage this event and this means that the initial consultations have finally paid off in terms of the event planning contract. The work is to plan, publicize and execute the event as per the plan. This is a sporting event for young children ranging from five years to twelve and therefore need a lot of commitment and keenness in planning and running.
      Therefore, the plan is to publicize this event through exploring the various means so as to attract the attention of the media, sponsors and people of goodwill. This will give publicity to the school and act as a marketing strategy.
      Publicity plan
      So as to effectively publicize this event, it is essential to first understand the target audience. Considering that it is an academic institutional event, the target market should be parents with children of relevant age, expectant parents as well as the direct market which is the actual children between five and twelve years. To reach each one of them, the means of publicity should considerate of the special needs of people from each target audience group. Making sure that the message is custom made to speak to such people is a proper strategy to reach all the target audience groups.
      The project goals include for the medial relations plan is to liaise with various media players and come up with a successful media plan that will work out well delivering the message home. The media liaison plan is essential to ensure that the event details are well relayed to the prospective audiences. Once this happens, the plan would be said to have been a success.
      Looking at prospective media to be considered, several factors are considered. For instance, it is paramount to consider the ones that serve the audience type in the target frame. Some of the prospective media are discussed below

      Radio is considered due to its wide reach as compared to the others. It reaches people of all walks of life and the mode of delivery makers it easy to remember. Another reason is the fact than radio can be accessed over many mediums such as online and through mobile phones.
      Social media
      Social media has become the preferred media of communication for many people and this places it as a more preferred mode. It is cheaper than most others and information spreads faster. Almost everyone has access to a social media account and therefore the message would reach the audience without doubt.
      Publicity timetable
      The publicity schedule is going to take a well-organized schedule to ensure that it captures the audience’s media consumption habits. This will be effected by ensuring that the timelines of airing concurs with the consumption patterns. Therefore, the timetable begins a month to the event, and the first one week will see radio advertisement. The second week will involve social media advertisements while the third week will include both social media and radio. All these will be done with moderation especially in the evening. On the third week, it will be intensive media campaign involving both social media and radio. It will be done both in the evening and through put the day for emphasis.
      Evaluating the effectiveness
      The effectiveness of the publicity will be determined by evaluating the level of prevalence in the public domain.
      A small survey may be conducted to find out how many people are getting the message and their attitudes towards it.
      Press Kit
      The first press kit will include three items that is news release, feature release and an Op-ed. The three are discussed in examples below.
      News release
      ‘The school wishes to inform its stakeholders of the forthcoming sports day to be held at the campus grounds. Various sporting activities will be taking place including athletics, ball games and ratchet games. The parents, students friends and the larger Firebird community is encouraged to attend and witness this first of its kind event on the 3rd of January, 2018’
      Feature release
      The feature release will include details of the event, the time and date as well as the venue.
      Other details will include the type of activities and the participants. All details will be well scripted i the feature release to make id as informative as possible.
      The op-ed on the other hand will also have similar details as the feature release. It will also carry commentaries about what to expect from the event. It will try and compel the audience to attend without fail.

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