Spanish Language Education or Spanish as a Second Language in Higher Education

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** For this Journal, you will be posting your Final Project title, the text of your introduction, and an outline of the main points that you plan to cover in your Final Project. This Assignment will help you organize your paper and get started in the writing process.

The topic of interest which I have chosen is Spanish as a Second Language. This topic is of interest because I believe learning Spanish has become a very important concept especially due to the flow of immigrants coming to the U.S.A, especially Hispanics. In addition, people all over the world believe this is definitely a language to study as a secondary or foreign language. As seen through textbooks, Spanish is becoming one of the official languages in many countries to study.

** I need to do an outline giving an Introduction on the following:

1) Introduction: The introduction sets the context for your paper and clearly states the purpose. It tells readers why you are writing this paper and what they can expect. Your introduction should be as close to complete as possible, though you are free to make final changes to it after this point to incorporate any feedback that you receive from your instructor. How was the Spanish language introduced during Colonial Times or when was it introduced; how has Spanish contributed to higher education for more than 150 years; bureautic system examples that involves Spanish as a second language; political system examples that involves Spanish as a second language; comparison of systems and discussions of parallel senate that supports systems involving Spanish as a Second language; retention; increase in enrollment; Financial wherewithal; Accountability; The future of Spanish as a Second language in higher education, etc.

It should include sources and citations in APA format. (Please note that you may not be able to achieve all APA style formatting in this Journal, but the information you provide should follow APA style as closely as possible. Your Final Project must follow APA style precisely.)

2) Outline: An outline helps you organize your ideas and resources before you begin writing your paper. It will help you identify what information you already have and what critical components you might be missing. Follow standard form for outline structures.

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