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You will write a Shakespearean sonnet about your love of food. Underneath you will find the requirements please follow them carefully.

Shakespearean sonnet requirements:

MUST be 14 Lines.

MUST have 3 Quatrains (set of 4 lines and 1 Couple (2 lines)

MUST follow the rhyme scheme ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

MUST be about love of food (food in general)

MUST be in Iambic Pentameter (10 syllables per line)

MUST use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation

1. Your FIRST STANZA should introduce the SPEAKER and AUDIENCE, explain the OCCASION or situation and make the SUBJECT of the poem clear.

2. Your Second and Third Stanza should develop the TONE of the poem. what are the feelings involved? convey these feelings using figurative language: metaphors, similes, personification Ex: “I love you like music needs a beat

3. Your Rhyming Couplet at the end should resolve the poem, or provide a dramatic twist to the story, Make sure your PURPOSE is clear. The couplet is probably the most important two lines of the sonnet so make them good!

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