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With the increasing popularity of Web 2.0, one strategy to achieve customer intimacy or

competitive edge is to use social media technologies. You can get information about recent trends and developments from these sources:

In this assignment, we will focus on these technologies from two perspectives: 1) as a consumer and 2) as a company.


  • First as a consumer, think about how you use social media tools. With examples, explain at least two advantages of using social media for you as a consumer (not personal use).
  • In addition to the advantages of social media, what do you think of dangers of social media use for the consumer? Please explain at least one disadvantage and support your arguments with the help of real-life examples.


  • In the second part, focus on the use of social media from a company’s perspective (it could be a private tool available only to employees or public available to all). What kind of benefits social media can provide for a company? With the help of examples, explain at least two benefits that can help a company in any feasible way.
  • What are some dangers of using social media for business purposes? Provide an example of a case where social media use by employees went wrong.

Part 3:

  • There are now many companies who have banned social media or allowed using it. Overall, do you think companies should ban or encourage the use of social media by their employees? Why or why not?
  • Imagine, you are an IT consultant hired to improve social media practices in a company. Provide an innovative suggestion to improve current methods of social media use by companies, which could benefit the company and help achieve (sustainable) competitive advantage (e.g. performance, productivity, customer service, product/service quality, employee satisfaction/ turnover, visibility, etc).

Instructions for the assignment:

  • All questions must be answered. You can choose to write one essay or divide the write-up based on the parts above.
  • You must be creative in your responses. The answers should not be related to the textbook content and class cases. If any point in your essay is too similar to textbook materials, the assignment will not be considered complete.
  • There should be a minimum of three external references for the whole essay.
  • The assignment will automatically be uploaded on Turnitin. More than 10% of similarity will not be considered as original work.
  • The essay should be minimum 850
    words and maximum 1200
    (excluding references). Use 11-point Times New roman
    font with 1.15 spacing between lines (no page limitation).

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