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you will be writing an abstract of a proposed study of your choosing. You may pick any study you choose as long as it issocial work related. So please don’t give some medically related study unless it has a clear social work component.

This is only about making an abstract for a study you propose. You are NOT writing an abstract for any of the articles you have read, nor are you pretending that you have completed a study. For this discussion, your abstract will include:

(a) the issue or problem under investigation; (b) information about the participants you intend to sample – listing age ranges, race, gender, and other facts relevant to your specific target population (such as females with HIV/AIDS); (c) the proposed research design (pre-experimental, quasi-experimental, experimental, or qualitative; and the specific method such as cross-sectional, pre-test/post-test, or case study…); (d) the intervention (if applicable) and data collection method (including variables you will measure, proposed instrument/survey, or sample questions if a qualitative study); (e) what you believe the analysis and results will do for social work practice or knowledge base (Yegidis, Weinbach, & Myers, 2010, p. 310).

The abstract should be no more than 150-250 words long.

Post by Day 3an abstract of your own proposed research project. It should be one paragraph, 150-250 words at most. That means if it’s 251 words you failed to follow instructions. The idea of the discussion is to discipline yourself in writing succinctly yet conveying all required information.

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