Social movement blog **MUST USE TEXTBOOK* soc.200 In Chapter 14, you learn that social change is the change in a society created through

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Social movement blog **MUST USE TEXTBOOK*


In Chapter  14, you learn that social change is the change in a society created through social movements as well as through other external factors” (Introduction to Sociology 2e, Sec. 21.3).   Social change does not come easy, but has been successful in our country through social movements, which are “purposeful, organized groups that strive to work toward a common social goal” (Introduction to Sociology 2e, Sec. 21.2).  Individuals who promote and engage in social movements seek to alter the course of history rather than respond passively to the flow of life.  During the course of this semester we have addressed many social issues affecting our society.

Initial post (Worth 100 points)

For this assignment you will use your sociological imagination to create a “Blog” relative to any social problem/issue you find warrants attention. You read in Chapter 14 that multiple social movement organizations can be related to the same industry. For example, the Animal Rights Industry is comprised of PETA, Animal Liberation Front (ALF), etc.  Your social organization needs to be original but can be similar to other current organizations within the same industry.  (For example, society typically focuses on breast cancer awareness for women.  Your organization can be focused on “Breast Cancer Awareness for Men”). In other words, it can be the same Social Movement Industry; not the same organization.  This is not a report on a current movement. I have provided an example from a previous semester to show you what type of issue you can choose as well as the criteria for the  assignment.

Each response must include all of the following:

  • The name of your organization.  (ie “Sexual Assault Awareness for Men”)
  • Write at least one paragraph (About 5 sentences) regarding your social issue.  Address the following:

    • 1) Why is it a problem?
    • 2) Who is negatively impacted? (facts)
    • 3) What will your organization do to help spread awareness or reduce the problem?

You must provide facts about your issue.  Who is impacted?  How long have they been impacted?  Is there someone responsible? Who can fix it?  (You must include facts from reputable websites such as the CDC, RAINN, GSS, US Census, Pew Research Center, etc.)  Government and educational websites (.gov or .edu), such as those of universities, are your safest bet for finding accurate information with (almost) no hidden agenda.

Make sure to connect what you have read this semester to your response.  You should cite your textbook at least three times in your blog where you made these connections.

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