smart goal fill the word document

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Please review the following cases scenario and twrite Smart Goal to Paula , John and the family use the sheet that I am going to attach( word doc) one for each the total will have 3 word documents

John and Paula, juniors in high school, had been dating a short time when Paula found out she was pregnant. She did not tell her parents until she was in her fourth month and they were furious as was John who felt betrayed and also guilty. He wanted Paula to get an abortion, but because of her religion her family would not let her. You as the CHW did not get her referral until she was six months pregnant. You set up a home visit and find out she had only seen her doctor once and had not had any prenatal care. Shewa still going to school and was trying to hide the pregnancy. Her relationship with John was only one of talking about what do after the baby was born as no decision had been made but now Paula was considering keeping the baby and breastfeeding.

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