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Directions: Horror stories are narratives that elicit feelings of terror from the audience with the purpose of exposing the dark side of human nature or metaphorically exploring cultural fears.

Read Ray Bradburys short story called “jack in the box” and Write a multiple paragraph essay in which you thoroughly analyze how the author uses conflict or tension to build terror and explore a specific fear or message. What are the conflicting forces? How do they conflict? How does tension mount? How is the conflict resolved? What fear (or message) do these help illustrate?

Requirements: Typed, double-spaced, at a twelve-point font. Use MLA format. Sources can not be used or consulted.

Note: An A paper will have a thorough introduction that provides a set up for the analysis, a clear thesis that addresses the essay topic, a strong use of specific examples/quotes throughout the body, clear and distinct body points, a sound theme that provides a backbone to the analysis, well-structured individual paragraphs, a smooth recap at the end. An A paper will also be free of major writing and style errors.

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