Short Answer for these questions

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I chose article to review “DON’T WITHHOLD VIOLENT GAMES”( attached) . I have to answer these question in short answer

Evaluating an Extended Argument

Instructions: Complete the questionnaire on the essay of your choice. Provide complete sentence(s) answers for all parts of the form.

Essay title:

Page number:

Reason for choosing this essay:

  1. Who is the “author?”What is his/her background, education, and expertise?
  2. What is the author’s thesis/claim? Is it explicit or implicit?
  3. To whom was this essay written—its target audience? Its ideal audience?
  4. Does the author try to establish common ground with his/her audience?
  5. What is the author’s tone?Does it change without the article?If so, be able to explain the changes in tone.
  6. What writing strategies were used?Does the essay make use of emotional, ethical, logical appeals, and/or counter arguments and refutation?Which of these strategies was emphasized?Why you think this emphasis was chosen?
  7. Does the author make a convincing case? Why or why not?
  8. How is the article framed?
  9. Can you locate and identify any logical fallacies by name or particular weaknesses?
  10. Why do you think these fallacies were used?
  11. Additionally, notice the authors use of:
  • A) The Passive Voice: When you don’t want to take responsibility for a crime, you can say “Crimes were committed” instead of “I committed a crime” thus suggesting that you had nothing to do with what actually happened. A war was started, book-keeping errors were made, a test was failed, bribes were taken—these passive constructions minimize the role of any one person.
  • b) Euphemisms: “A word or phrase used in place of a term that might be considered too direct, harsh, unpleasant or offensive” (Encarta World English Dictionary).Often we use euphemisms to be polite when describing bodily functions, sex or other activities that may make us uncomfortable—“Ladies’ Room,” “passing on” instead of “dying,” “attacked” instead of “raped” and so on. However, sometimes euphemisms are used to obfuscate and confuse, to hide what is really going on.

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