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Based on a national survey of youth, a common thought among sexually active individuals is that “if I
wear a condom, I will be fine.” While we are seeing an increase in the number of sexually active
individuals wearing condoms during penile-vaginal intercourse, we are also seeing an increase in other
forms of risky sexual behavior (oral sex, anal sex). Although such an attitude is healthy on many levels,
the unfortunate consequence is the assumption that one does not have a sexually transmitted infection,
and therefore, does not get tested. Let’s assume you are having a conversation with a friend who tells you “I don’t need to get tested for anything because I always wear a condom.” Given what you know about
sexually transmitted infection rates and transmission, what evidence would you offer to advise your friend
to receive regular six month checks? Make sure your response is thorough. Further, what options would
you suggest your friend experiment with to offer protection during sexual activity beyond coitus?


– The response will be graded for grammar, format, and the accuracy of the answer, so be sure to take your time and proof read. Also, ((be sure to address each part of the question)).

– Format: The response should be typed with the following format: 1 inch margins, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. Your name should be in the upper right corner (and nothing else), and you should write the title of your response as the chapter the question coincides with. Your grade will be reduced if these guidelines are not followed.

– The response should be one page. Keep in mind that it’s the quality of your response, not quantity, which counts.

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