Semiotic critique , 2 page paper

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Your task is to find a print advertisement from a prominent company that specializes in clothing, perfume, or cologne and then perform a semiotic critique. You may pick any contemporary ad you wish. A Google search will bring up a lot of ads to choose from. Attach the advertisement for reference (you can copy+paste it into your assignment). No commercials or videos!

Follow the semiotic method we’ve been using in class and address the following questions below. (A complete response will address most of these points. This is the same kind of analysis that we have been doing in class. Exam 3 will feature an in-class semiotic critique).

Construct the context of the ad: Denotation/Signifiers

What is the ad for? Explain the ad or the commercial in sufficient detail, noting all relevant signs.

Who is the intended audience? How do you know this? How does this determine affect our perception of the image, its content, composition, mood, or emotional effect?

o What effect do the stylistic choices in the ad have on the audience (For Example: lighting, poses, props, background, etc.)

o Who is in the image? What relationship does this person have to the viewer? To himself/herself? To other figures in the image?

Analysis: Connotation/Signified

Does the image follow a lineage or history that is significant for semiotic analysis?

What message does this image convey to the viewer? Is this message the same for all viewers?

o How does the ad portray race, gender, and social class?

What does this reveal about our cultural ideologies? Why is this supposed to be persuasive or entertaining? Is it part of a “happy script”?

o If applicable, are there any other additional or alternative interpretations in the signs?

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