See below discussion questions

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Answer the following questions with with NO less 250 words for each question.

1. Discuss from a law enforcement perspective how the challenges and changes in responding to a terror attack might mirror and/or be different from many of the challenges in responding to the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquakes. How might the NIMS and ICS approaches be helpful under such conditions?

2.Discuss the core set of doctrines, concepts, principles, and organizational processes that NIMS represents to enable effective, efficient, and collaborative incident management at all levels. Which one of these stands out most to you? Why?

3. Response planning requires groups—ranging from local police to federal response assets—to understand one another’s roles and capabilities. Discuss specifically how the NIMS logistics concepts and principles can assist and promote this understanding.

4.Explain how the synchronization of efforts of federal, state, and local agencies is vital to the national effort against terrorism.

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