​Second Writing Techniques Reading and Exercise

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Second Writing Techniques Reading & Exercise

For this class you are working on a number of dimensions of good writing, one of which is effectively writing with readers in mind. The book by Graff and Birkensten, They Say, I Say, (hereafter referred as “Graff”) is intended to learn structures for presenting ideas with readers as the point of the writing. Therefore, every week you’ll be assigned chapters to read and, following the reading, exercises to complete.

Below is the next activity.

Read Graff: Chapter Two (pp 30-40) and Chapter Three (pp 42-50).

After completing the reading, complete the following activity:

Compose a single short summary of the prologue from Carr’s book The Shallows(pp1-4) that includes at least TWO quotations from Carr’s text. Be sure to use language found in Graff from pages 39 and 40.

Also, as you write this summary, use a different template found on pages 46-47 to introduce each of your quotations. Remember, use a different template for each quote.

*Please note thatit is important that you both follow the style of Graff and Birkenstein AND get your understanding of Carr right.



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