SDSU Scientific Research Guidelines Paper

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I Attached below 3 words documents, the first one is the article for this week, the second one is my classmate replies and the third one is the case studies and their replies

The goal of the journal is for you to think about what others have said and how that fits with your
understanding of the topics. While you must demonstrate a biblical understanding of each topic,
the goal is for you to provide sound arguments for how to address each question and/or case
study. There are many different aspects of study regarding ethics. The best way to think through
some of the difficult topics is to reflect on what you have read and learned.
You will be required to write a Journal Entry about each Module: Week’s Discussion. In each
entry, you will summarize what was discussed in your own words, talk about the Module: Week’s
topics, and provide novel insight gained from the discussion.
? Cover page

Each Journal Entry will be submitted as a Word document. You may write your entries in the
first person, within reason. The goal is to be pithy and thoughtful. Being concise with your words
while addressing each topic will be challenging, so give yourself plenty of time to formulate
ideas and possible rough drafts. Since your instructor will be the only person who will see your
journal, you may talk about what your classmates said in the discussion, as long as you do not
attack them personally. Remember: the most important rule throughout this entire course is no
personal attacks.

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