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Action items

reading and screening all required materials and reading all the topic
pages, answer these questions in a single blog post:

Topic 2

  1. Please screen three episodes of Mike & Molly (available
    on HULU) and explain how they exemplify Eco’s notion of oneiric space?
    Why would this type of story structure be appealing?

Possible appeals:

  • There is pleasure in resolution
  • There is pleasure in plugging in the formula
  • There is pleasure in familiarity
  • There is little concern over missing an episode

Topic 3

  1. Please SCREEN the season 6 episode of Buffy the Vampire
    Slayer, “As you were” (available on NETFLIX) and address how
    serialization impacts the story, characterization, and possible
    interpretations of events. How would the story have worked if it were
    purely episodic.
  1. SCREEN the season 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries, “the Reckoning” (available on Netflix) and make note of
  • All the plot elements and characters
  • How these are interwoven (plot-wise, thematically, aesthetically)
  • How many cliffhangers and hints at future plot elements are introduced
  • What forms of knowledge the episode requires that you have or seek out in order to fully comprehend the story

Topic 4

  1. Please visit the website for the series Orphan Black ( and
    watch some of the behind the scenes footage (also read the “about” page
    if you are unfamiliar with the series). Then visit the fan site Clone
    Club Book Club ( and leaf through the discussion of plot points.

How are these examples of the “operational
aesthetic” and “forensic fandom” that Mittell links to complexity on
television and the effort to cultivate “maximum rewatchability”?

  1. Why would a series like Orphan Black or The Vampire
    Diaries have a difficult time finding success if it had been produced
    for a previous generation?

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