Scholarly Project

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-A few thoughts are included in parentheses to give you some early guidance, but you should not limit your paper/project to these ideas.

Information management and information technology in an MCI or disaster. (What does the team need? How do you provide redundancies? What role does IT – including social media – play?)

Focus on key elements. Outline your paper early so you have an objective idea about what those key elements should be. Read the literature and annotate the articles. (Annotation is the process of summarizing an article in 2-3 sentences. Doing so forces you to distill all the verbiage into cogent thought). Also remember that the paper / project is divided into two parts. The Syllabus gives guidance.

Refer to the Rubric in the Course Documents so you know what a masters-level paper should include.

The Introduction should “tell the reader what you plan to tell them.” In other words, use the first 250-350 words to provide a simple overview of your topic.

The Discussion should “tell the reader what you want to tell them.” This, of course, is the biggest part of the work. For a 3000 word paper, about 2500 words should be here. Develop your work here, cite your resources, expand on the topic.

The Conclusion should “tell the reader what you told him.” Use the last 250 or so words to summarize. You should not present new material here.

Of course, use APA formatting throughout and add your references after the Conclusion.

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