Safe Communication in the Workplace

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One of the marks of team excellence is a collaborative climate. In the article When teams work best: 6,000 Team members and leaders tell what it takes to succeed, it stated, “Research demonstrates that effective team leaders ensure a collaborative climate by making communication safe, demanding and rewarding collaborative behavior, guiding the team’s problem-solving efforts, and managing their own control needs (LaFasto, F. & Larson, C., 2001).”

In a 2-3 page paper, discuss what constitutes “safe communication” in the workplace: Between co-workers, between subordinates and supervisors, and between subordinates and the organization as a whole. What types of talk needs to be safe-guarded? Why? In an organization, who is responsible for ensuring safe communication? Be sure to reference both the chapter 12 & 14 in your textbook and the LaFasto and Larson Article as you answer these questions.

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