RPW300 Writing Fact sheet sources

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Week 5


Now that you’ve completed your document
plan, it will be your guide (in addition to the syllabus) to completing
the balance of the course. You will also use some components of the
plan in your Fact Sheet assignment.

While the document plan seems
“pointless,” when you are the only one working on a project it can be
helpful when your supervisor asks you the status of a project. Showing a
document plan lets your supervisor know that you have some goal in
mind. And when you are working with a group of people, having one
document plan to guide a project instead of six or seven different
versions saves time and conflicts later.

The five components of your document
plan (Purpose, Deliverable, Audience, Process, and Resources) will be
addressed in the upcoming modules. Simply take the preliminary work
already done last week in each component and add to it – or revise it,
or redo it.

This week you will locate nine more sources of information for your Fact Sheet.

Reading assignment:

Technical Writing Process, chapter 2, pp. 73-74.

Discussion assignment:



Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) APA formatting:

Written assignment:

The resources you locate should
complement or reflect the responsibilities, duties, or skills you
identified in the Purpose section of your document plan, and should
“respond” to the Purpose of your plan. Providing resources for a “fact
sheet” means the sources you use should be credible. Cross-checking
information through different sources is best – however, don’t repeat
sources or use similar sources for your Resource section.

Use websites, blogs, online journals, magazines, or newspapers, audio or video sources, for potential sources of information.

NOTE: Information from dictionary and encyclopedia sources are general in nature and can be used, BUT
will not count towards your ten sources. That is, your ten sources
cannot be multiple dictionary or encyclopedia entries, but sources
beyond the initial ten may. In a similar vein, using different pages of a
website is NOT locating various sources of information.


You will locate nine additional sources
of information for the fact sheet. Format the sources in APA style,
using the examples found at the Purdue OWL (above). You can use general
search engines, the Zahnow Library database, or other sources of
reliable and verifiable information.


1. One page.
2. Put your name and course information at the top of your resources. No other information is required, nor requested.
3. Single-space. Check Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and Line single-spacing:Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 1.34.19 AM.png
4. Skip a line between each source.
5. Remove or turn off hyperlinks.


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