Rowan University mRNA Vaccines Discussion

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Pick one of the following 3 video-topics. Takes notes and record your statement (minimum of 50 words):

mRNA Vaccines

Viral Vector Vaccines

  1. Side effects of vaccines

Be sure to announce which video you’re describing.

  1. Your recording should describe a key concept from your chosen video. (minimum 50 words or 1 minute)

Pose a question to your peers based on something you did not understand about the content. 

  1. discussion 2 :

DQ 6: Epidemiology (2 post minimum) Create your initial post on the DQ 6 Discussion Board in response to the following question: 

Describe a key concept in the “Epidemiological Studies made Easy” video and pose a question to your peers about it. 

Classmate answers:

What is a ecological study?

“When our body recognizes that foreign protein our immune system becomes active and starts producing antibodies against those foreign proteins and helps to destroy them. “

what foreign protein

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