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250 words response with references for each discussion

DQ 1 Select a route of administration (e.g., oral, IV, subcutaneous,
IM, transdermal, rectal, inhalation, SL) and discuss the advantages and
disadvantages of this administration route. Give an example of a medication
administered by your chosen route and a good patient candidate or rationale for
choosing your given route of administration. You can consider special
populations (e.g., pediatrics, geriatrics, pregnancy). Include references in
APA format. Students must supply an initial post for each question/prompt,
according to guidelines provided by the instructor.

DQ 2 Select a medication with a narrow therapeutic index requiring
monitoring of levels. Discuss the monitoring of these levels, including how
often and when to monitor, therapeutic range, toxicities seen at
supratherapeutic levels, and risks of subtherapeutic levels. Discuss possible
drug or food interactions that may affect your chosen medication’s level.
Include references in APA format

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