Roche Company Operations

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Hare are three cases need to be done for the ethic management class.

1. Professional or Industry Ethical Standards Assignment

Choose an industry/profession and describe the particular body that may oversee the ethical standards of the profession and share three (3) to five (5) ethical standards expected of one in the industry/profession.

Need to Approximately one (1) page summary

2. Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

Choose a company and be prepared to describe the company’s CSR activity. Under which model of CSR would you categorize the company’s activity (economic, philanthropic, social web or integrative)? Would this CSR activity have any influence over you as a consumer?

Approximately five (5) minute discussion, so need to at lease two pages.

3. Read the file which I upload blow (there are three picutres of the book page), read case and answer each question. at lease two pages.

The last file is what we learn by PPT, please read it first before you do case, and put those knowledge into the case homework, thank you!

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