Risk Management Mitigating Risks

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Mitigating Risks

You have been asked to create the disaster recovery plan for a small
neighborhood veterinary clinic. This clinic provides services for dogs
and cats only. These services include office visits, surgery,
hospitalization, and boarding. The clinic is located in a geographical
region that is regularly threatened by hurricanes. The one-story
building is constructed of cement block, with no windows, and meets all
hurricane-related building codes. The clinic does accept animals for
boarding when a hurricane threatens, as public shelters for local
residents do not allow animals. Create the scenario and recommended
during, after, and before actions for a major hurricane, including
preventative controls and strategies.

As part of this paper, research and write about two of the major hot
site vendors, and describe what they offer. Contact one the vendors,
explain your project, and ask for information about the timing and steps
involved in activating the use of the alternate site.

Prepare a 500- to 1,050-word paper that answers fully discusses the topic questions

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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