review and share thoughts on articles displayed

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1. Attached is manual prepared by the American Group Psychotherapy Association. It may help you anchor your thoughts as prepare to complete this (and other) thread’s opening questions. I hope you find it a helpful resource throughout the course and into your professional future.

File AGPA Practice Guidelines 2007-PDF.pdf (262.666 KB)

2. The attached (brief) article discusses an alternative model of identifying potential group clients. The method the author uses is to run informational sessions rather than interviews. If you are interested in efficient, alternative options to the screening process, please give the article a review and share your thoughts.

File Pre Group Information Session.pdf (28.518 KB)

3. For those of you looking for applied strategies for preparing a group for termination, the attached article may give you some ideas. However, it is also quite old, and you might find the tone of the writing and suggestions to be a bit dated. Regardless, it is always interesting to see what worked in the past and reflect upon what may have changed, and what might have remained constant.

File Activities for group termination.pdf (444.964 KB)

4. For those of you interested in alternative models of group therapy, and the termination process, you might find this article informative. And regardless, the themes discussed within the final section of the article are likely to provide insight into the termination process regardless of the group type. Even if you do not wish to digest the whole thing, consider reviewing the introduction and discussion sections.

File termination of a music therapy group.pdf (333.239 KB)

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