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Read the following part, write 300 words response to it, need to answer the last questions he mentioned.

“From the video and the “kitchen debate”, there’s a lot of differences between the United States and Soviet about their way of life. The first thing we know is about houses. In the United States houses very pricey and we should sign a contract up to thirty years. Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev Soviet Premier that day has a different opinion about that. He thinks that houses should not be given time about 20 years. It should long last for the children and grandchildren. He also protests how united states houses made of. It should not be made of plywood, must made of reinforced concrete and brick so the houses won’t get collapse. But the Vice President of United States that day, Richard Nixon, disagree and he thinks the grandchildren must be given a choice what kind of house they want. Another difference between these two nations is about women’s role in society. The United States saw women as homemakers. They are responsible to manage their home. From preparing a meal, buying food, managing budget and control of expenditures, and cleaning the house. This situation makes the United States invent some technology that helps women to do their chores. Electronic appliances like dishwasher, eating utensil made from steel or aluminum, or some cooking tools which help women prepare the food. Industry in united states was growing, especially in technology, television, cars, and/or fashion. Soviet aside, wants women to join workforces. They assigned to a local canteen to prepare food for workers. Food distribution on soviet held by the government. They distribute the food to a local canteen and give them what they need. I think these two nations hold their ideology. But nowadays, communism idea has no place again in the world. I think it’s too ideal and really work in the utopian world.

The question is, what do you think about live without an option? Which our work, our food, and anything else is given by the government.”

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