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Guidelines for the Response Paper for “The Promise”

Goal: Compose a response to C. Wright Mills chapter “The Promise” by addressing the paper guidelines
below. The paper should be a maximum of 5 pages,

Paper Guidelines: What Your Paper Should Address

1. Clearly and concisely explain C. Wright Mills’ concept of the Sociological Imagination? How can it
help an individual understand their place within society? What is the difference between “personal
troubles” and “public issues”? Incorporate examples, other than those used by Mills, to help illustrate
your points. [45 for content and 15 for examples= 60 points]

2. What critique(s) do you have of the chapter? For a critique, it is not sufficient just to say “I didn’t like
the writing” or “I liked the chapter.” Explain why you did or did not like the chapter–and support your
critique sociologically. In other words, provide substantive sociological explanations for your positive
and negative criticisms. [30 points]

3. The remaining 10 points are for organization, clarity in writing, proper citation, and correct

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