Research the PMI CAPM and PMP certifications

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Research the PMI CAPM and PMP certifications. What are the requirements of each? What is the value of these certifications? Are there a lot of jobs available for someone holding the CAPM or PMP certification? Do these certifications improve your chances of getting a job or a promotion after graduation? Do these certifications increase pay possibilities? Do you feel that the CAPM and/or PMP certification would be beneficial to you? Why or why not.

Note: Please do not just copy/paste this information from their website and be sure to cite your source(s)

Grading Guideline for all Discussion Boards…

Total possible points = 25

  • 20 point deduction for no original post
  • 1 point deduction for one or two spelling/ grammatical errors
  • 2 point deduction for multiple spelling/ grammatical errors

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