RESEARCH PAPER Heneritta Lacks HeLa Cell Line

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Design, research, and write a paper based on original research on historical topics of your own choosing. The project should include a cover page, an abstract, pages with footnotes, and a bibliography. Papers should be in 12 font double spaced, 15-20 pages.

The purpose of this research paper is to inform individuals “That medical research as we know it today may not be if it were not for Heneritta Lacks.” Lacks unknowingly contributed greatly to many medical advancements, treatments and cures. Lacks was a victim of exploitation, she never consented to the use of her tumor and was never compensated for her contributions.

The purpose of this paper should be stated clearly in the introduction. Also, the paper should be written to the effect of… “What did or what will the reader learn after reading the content of the research paper.”

When citing more than 50 words please use block citation.

The abstract it to be clear and direct on what the research paper is pertaining to.

I have included a thesis statement and bibliography that I submitted previously to the professor, ADDITIONAL “PRIMARY” SOURCES MAY BE REQUIRED.

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