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Here is a review of my expectations and assignments for the next week:

> It is each student’s responsibility to listen to the posted MP4 taped sessions for week 5

> Each student is expected to read the assigned chapters for week 6 prior to class

For the next written assignment, the APA summary table:

The summary table is a tool to help you appraise and summarize your 5
research articles. The key being that the article must be a research
Fill in the excel table with your 5 research articles and go step by
step or line by line. Starting with article #1: Citation= reference,
What research question was asked in article #1 and write it. What type
of study design was article #1 and write it. Identify the independent
and dependent variables in article #1 and document it. Keep going across
the table filling each box in for each research article.
Continue filling out the excel table with all 5 of your research
articles that you are planning to use in your lit review paper with 1
research article per line. Each student may use the original 5 research
articles that were used in the PICOT and APA written assignment. Again,
the key to this assignment is to use 5 current research articles! Use
the electronic SU library to find current research article or ask the
librarian for assistance if needed. I hope
this explanation helps you


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