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The policy that I would wish to amend is the 90-days hold policy accorded for filing of a police report in the case of assault after which the forensic evidence becomes unavailable. Arguably, the very foundation of the NASW Code of Ethics section 6.04 (NASW, 2008) is founded upon the requirement that socially workers be pioneers in championing for the social justice of victims. Nonetheless, by having a limitation within which a crime, herein a social injustice, can be reported, defeats the ethical idea behind the code.

A case in point is the unfortunate case of Rita, a rape victim. While it took some time and counselling before Rita consented to filing a police report, justice in this was not upheld because of the limitations of the 90-days hold policy. The recommended change would be to preserve the forensic evidence for as long as is necessary so that victims of such social injustices receive fair compensation and the perpetuator faces the due legal process. In the event that such a policy change was effected, Rita would have had justice despite the lengthy time it had taken for her to come around. Effecting the policy change will also go a long way in assisting counsellors assist trauma victims since the execution of their professional assistance will not be a rush to beat the 90-days hold policy limitation. In addition, it seeks to empathize rather than rush the victims in their efforts to recover from their ordeal prior to seeking legal redress for any injustice committed.

Finally, the success of the policy change will be evaluated through analyzing the numbers of cases filed with the police in general against the cases filed within the previously stipulated 90-days hold policy. A significant difference marked by a higher number of filed cases in the case where there are no limitations to when the complaint can be filed with reflect a success in the part of the policy change.


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Rita is a 22 year old Latina female who was born in the United States, Unfortunately Rita was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance of a male coworker. She received services from a local county SART team and advocate sexual assault nurse examiner (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen 2014).

The case of Rita is a difficult one as many women who are sexually assaulted do not report nor seek treatment after due to embarrassment or embarrassment of their families. The laws are new and thus controversial since relatively little investigation into their impact has occurred. Additionally, since the laws require disclosure to police, at times, even in instances where victims object, opponents have expressed concerns about potential unintended effects, such as diminished victim autonomy (Mancini et al. 2016). I would advocate for a way eliminating the length of time of reporting. I would work on support groups for the women and possibly working on self-esteem issues to help encourage the clients to want to report.

Mancini, C., Pickett, J. T., Call, C., & Roche, S. P. (2016). Mandatory Reporting (MR) in Higher Education. Criminal Justice Review (Sage Publications), 41(2), 219-235. doi:10.1177/0734016816634787

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