Report on Needs Analysis and Proposal for Training Solution

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Report on Needs Analysis and Proposal for Training Solution

For this Portfolio Project option, you will write a report and prepare a PowerPoint presentation on a perceived training need and propose a solution. The audience for this report/presentation consists of executive- or management-level decision makers. You are not building a training course, but are putting together the foundation on which a decision to continue can be made. The proposal will help convince executives to allow you to spend money on a solution that will benefit the organization. Follow these steps:

Write the report.

Prepare the PowerPoint presentation.

Proofread and submit both items.

Congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished!

The report/presentation must include:

An eight to 10 page double-spaced paper (not counting the cover page, abstract, and reference page) with appropriate references. Make sure your paper is formatted and cited according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

An executive-level presentation (summary) not to exceed four PowerPoint slides.

The report must include the following items:

Present an organization overview, including strategic imperatives.

Write a summary of the problem/organizational issue.

Create a flowchart of the process to conduct research and collect data for decision making (which does not have to fit any specific process form; just make it clear).

Outline an abbreviated needs analysis, including a high-level assessment of skills, costs, and risks.

Propose a high-level training solution, including learning objectives, recommendations, and justifications for development, implementation, technologies, and assessment type (or justification that training is not a solution that will adequately address the issue, and present a proposal for a non-training solution).

Write a conclusion that reiterates the recommendation and ties it back to organizational strategic imperatives.

For project details, see the Portfolio Project description, which can be accessed from the Week 8 Assignments page.

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