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  1. Read the two discussion posts below and respond by extending the discussion by adding new insights, different examples from your experience, or from other sources.
  2. Apply critical thinking. Agreement, quoting other learners, or repeating the case content will not be counted.
  3. The response to each post should 120 words each.

#1: The short movie clip from the Hoosiers shows different leadership styles amongst the two coaches and the players. During the initial interaction between the assistant coach and new coach it appears the assistant employs a passive leadership style. Per the text book, “passive leadership is characterized by the lack of leadership skills and the person does not intervene until the problem becomes serious enough to demand action” (Kinicki, 2018 pg. 482) The assistant is passive until he is forced to take action and then he does so in an explosive manner. He then retreats to the shadows to watch the interactions of the new coach with the players. The new coach utilizes a structured leadership style when addressing the new team members. He begins to tell the team what he will be doing to maximize their output. It appears that his short-term goal was creating a structured environment for the team to grow. Some of the players were reluctant to follow the new coach with his leadership style. The two players involved in the confrontation with the new coach had a sense of psychological empowerment. They believed that they had power over the team and the coaches because of their skills and the lack of players on the team. Their presence on the team was more of a short term solution to success then long term success for the school. By them leaving the team it will ultimately grow more into a cohesive group.

#2: The new coach came into the basketball practice with positive leadership traits such as dominance, self-confidence, and intelligence. He came in with the attitude that in order for the team to do better they needed to follow his new ways of leadership/coaching and he said he will do it his way and not the way the old coach did things and he also made it clear that any players that did not see it in his new way could leave. The new coach seems task oriented and is here to get the job done the right way. I think the old coach could be seen as a passive leader, the form of leadership behavior categorized by a lack of leadership skills. (pg. 482). The old coach just did things the way the team was used to doing them and was unwilling to change them into a way that was more beneficial to the team and their season records. He seemed to just go with the flow and didn’t see the point to change up practice until someone came to him and told him to do so or in the video clip, until he was replaced by someone who was going to coach the team differently. The first team member that walked out of the gym because he did not want to listen to the new coach had a narcissism trait. “A self- centered perspective, feelings of superiority, and a drive for personal power and glory”. (pg. 473). He wanted to do it his way and didn’t care what the coach had to say and he influenced the second team player to walk out with him, the second player would be a follower and doing what he was persuaded to do by others.

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The two posts are from watching the following videos.

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