Religion, The new testament gospel : Jesus as the new moses

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Readings: Scholz 85–101 Focus on the Infancy Narratives and the how scholars use source criticism to interpret his text. Read through the Sermon on the Mount in this Gospel, noting how it presents Jesus as the New Moses.

Activity: Matthew presents beatitudes (statements about blessedness or happiness) that contradict many of the cultural value of his time as well as today. Compose in class five beatitudes that reflect what constitutes happiness today, following the formula “Blessed are those who . . .for they will . . . “

Writing: In the Discussion section write one or two paragraphs on the following: How does Matthew’s portrayal of Jesus as the New Moses revise Mark’s portrayal of Jesus. Note what he adds to the story and how his way of telling the story differs from Mark. It may be helpful to review “redaction.”

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