Rehabilitation Supervision Methods

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  1. The three objectives to crime desistance are rehabilitation, community supervision, and restoration. Rank order (from 1-3) the importance of these objectives to the ideal goal of crime desistance for the offender. Fully justify your choices.
  2. There are other promising programs that have worked to reduce recidivism, but they are not necessarily at the top tier. Of the community-based programs and intermediate sanctions listed throughout the book, which do you think are more promising?
  3. Should an ex-felon be allowed to own or possess a firearm? Would you ban all guns or would you make exceptions for hunting rifles?
  4. Assume you are given a choice between expungement of sealing of a conviction. Which would be more appropriate and why?
  5. Which rights would you agree to restore to a sex offender who has stayed out of trouble for five years after completing his sentence? Under what conditions? Which rights would you not restore under any circumstances?

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